2015 Intellectual Property Colloquium 

The Law School’s Intellectual Property Colloquium provides a vital forum for exploring scholarly work in the field. In the Spring of 2015, IP Colloquium participants explored a range of hot topics, including the rhetorical connection between intellectual property infringement and theft of tangible property; public-private partnerships as a promising paradigm for pharmaceutical innovation; and the theoretical justifications for secondary patent markets.

“In this special forum, students get to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired and the critical skills they’ve developed to the most current developments at the frontiers of IP law and policy,” says Professor Jeremy Sheff, director of the St. John’s Intellectual Property Law Center. “We’re very fortunate that the IP Law Center is able to attract phenomenal speakers investigating some of the most important and complex issues facing the legal institutions that govern technology, creativity, and commerce.”

The faculty-scholar presenters for the Spring 2015 colloquium were:

  • Irina Manta (Hofstra University)
  • Liza Vertinsky (Emory University)
  • Mike Burstein (Cardozo)
  • Dotan Oliar (University of Virginia) 
  • Deidre Keller (Ohio Northern University)
  • Stacey Dogan (Boston University)

Graham Gibbs ’15 appreciated all that he gained from the IP Colloquium in a short time. “Analyzing the scholarly papers and related materials, and distilling my own viewpoint, has helped me develop a broader understanding of the field that I’m pursuing as a career,” he said. “In addition to honing my critical thinking and my writing, I’ve also found the direct dialogue with esteemed legal scholars very validating.”